Vortex Power Systems

An innovative technology to improve efficiencies in power generation.

Power from waste

Power generation is an inefficient process, with the majority of thermal power plants converting only 30-40% of energy input to electricity.

Additionally, Greater awareness of global warming and carbon emissions, together with an increasing population and wealth has made the need for clean energy production and improved generation efficiencies a high value problem to solve.

Vortex Power Systems Limited is developing a proprietary system to capture and convert waste heat at existing thermal power-stations to electricity.

Vortex Power Systems’ solution is designed to operate in conjunction with existing thermal power plants and use the waste heat energy from generation held in their cooling water streams. The system is expected to generate a vortex from a base plate on the ground to extend high into the sky.

Waste-heat flows at power stations and other large industries tend to be in large volumes of warm water, below the temperature needed to generate steam. Vortex Power Limited has developed a system that utilises atmospheric buoyancy vortices to concentrate this power so that it can be used to drive an innovative wind turbine.

Most thermal power stations are only 30-40% efficient.
A global loss of >20,000 TWh per annum.

How it works

Vortex’s solution is designed to operate in conjunction with existing thermal power plants and use the waste heat energy from generation held in their cooling water streams.

The technology utilises a controllable vortex akin to a waterspout that will be created from a difference in temperature and water vapour. This is developed by introducing the waste-heat to the bottom of the vortex. This waste heat is in the form of heated water from a thermal power plant and acts as the energy source for the system.

This energy source, when combined with a source of horizontal air circulation or swirl, creates a rotating, rising column of buoyant air that produces concentrated rotating winds at the ground, like a controlled tornado. By placing a wind-turbine at the base of the vortex, Vortex anticipates to be able to convert the wind from the vortex into power; capturing ~5% of the waste heat energy as electricity.


Low-level waste heat from power generation


Heated water sprayed into system


Initial rotation of turbine


Rising heat and rotation of air draws in air at an angle


Creation of self-sustaining vortex


Vortex drives power generation turbine at base


Additional 7.5% electricity generation


Remove heated water to halt operation

Electricity demand continues to rise and will double by 2040.


Vortex’s system functions to create and control a vortex in the atmosphere, which creates winds to drive a power generation turbine at its base. Since the wind power in the vortex is manmade, the power generation capabilities are expected to be more consistent and not as susceptible to the unpredictability of the weather compared to a conventional wind turbine or solar facility.

Waste heat from thermal power stations tends to be of “low quality” which means the temperature is too low to be useful, however Vortex believes its technology will be able to function using this low-quality heat.

  • Functions with low energy density waste heat
  • 60% of cost of wind - no requirement for ‘tower’
  • Unlike solar and wind, not weather dependent
  • Replaces need for cooling tower
  • Highly scalable

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