Professor Richard Flay

Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor

Richard is an expert in the fields of aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamic, wind and yacht engineering.

He has consulted and researched in the areas of wind engineering, wind energy, wind tunnel design, wind tunnel testing. A highlight was his design of the world’s first wind tunnel capable of producing twisted flow for testing yacht sails. This wind tunnel was used by Team New Zealand, and helped them win the America’s Cup in 1995.

He is a member of the Australasian Wind Loading Standard Committee. His expertise in the design of fans and wind turbines is particularly relevant to the present proposal, which requires the design of an innovative wind turbine to operate near the vortex core.


Neil Hawkes

Founder and Chief technical officer

Neil is a mature and proven entrepreneur with over 30 years of commercial experience and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering (First Class Honours). Neil is pursuing his PhD in the development of this technology.

Neil served as a business director for Inductoheat (Tewkesbury) Ltd in the UK and Freedom Mobility Ltd in New Zealand. Neil has extensive experience in process and machine design and development in induction heating and laser systems. He completed a Master of Engineering research degree in the VPS technology in 2015, with first class honours and is studying for a PhD in the development of this technology, which is expected to provide additional resources to Vortex’s development programme.

Perzaan Photo crop

Perzaan Mehta

General Manager

Perzaan is an experienced commercial and operations manager. He leads the operational, IP and business development efforts of Vortex Power Systems.  He was previously operations manager of another early-stage science venture, Orbis Diagnostics and an Associate at seed investment firm Pacific Channel. He holds degrees in Mechatronics Engineering , Finance, and Economics from the University of Auckland.

Brent Ogilvie

Brent Ogilvie


Brent Ogilvie is the Chairman and is a shareholder in the Company. Brent has extensive experience in early stage venture development, international business development and corporate partnering including securing the first seven figure international partnering deals for several early stage NZ tech companies. He was Director of Ecodiesel, an alternative energy company that sold its business assets to Z Energy and has subsequently built a production plant for commercial production of biodiesel that is now being supplied to NZ consumers.